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Service Philosophy

At Noble Park Early Learning, we recognize the important role that our centre plays in preparing children for their future years, and we therefore aim to equip them with essential life skills.

However, it is our first aim and priority to show each child unconditional love and acceptance. We believe that this first connection is vital to building the child’s emotional resilience and self-esteem, and ensures that they feel welcomed and secure before moving ahead with learning. They will develop a sense of belonging to the group, and their learning will therefore be more effective and life-lasting. We also encourage the development of their self-confidence through trusting relationships, meaningful interactions and opportunities for them to work together. By promoting these experiences, we aim to ensure that children are prepared to build friendships and manage the challenges of social life.

It is our belief that through a play-based program, children can be supported and encouraged to reach their full potential and accomplish their own personal milestones and aspirations, and we aim to make this program accessible for every child’s participation. We wish to support all children in becoming the best that they can be, and extend our commitment and assistance towards children with additional needs. We are dedicated to allowing all children to grow and learn as individuals and giving them time to just “be”; time to explore, wonder, create, imagine and follow their own interests. We will provide them with both educational and life experiences within a loving, caring & safe environment, but allow these experiences to be guided by each child’s own independence, interests and desires for challenge.

We aim to create a feeling of homeliness for all children, staff and families within our centre, reflecting the diversity and individuality of cultural backgrounds and traditions that we all bring together. We believe the most important point in creating a home-like environment is the partnerships we build with families, and will endeavour to extend meaningful opportunities to families. We strive to install a sense of comfort and trust when families leave their children in our care, and it is our hope that families may carry on their daily lives and maximize their focus in whatever they do, knowing that their children are welcomed, loved, safe and well cared for. Similarly, we wish to promote acceptable, understanding and build positive, respectful relationships that allow families to seek our support when needed and to work in partnership with educators and co-coordinators.

Xiaofeng Shen, Director



Noble Park Early Learning Centre prides itself on a wonderful outdoor learning environment. Our grounds are extensive and include plenty of space to run and explore. With mature trees and shade sails we offer flexible play spaces for all seasons. The undercover verandah facilitates outdoor play even when the weather is inclement.

The Centre has a range of outdoor equipment which is rotated regularly to continually stimulate and promote the development of new skills. This may include climbing frames, balance beams and obstacle courses.

Some of our outdoor features include:

A raised cubby house and slide

‘digging’ patch for imaginative

Large sandpit with surrounding deck

Raised vegetable gardens

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Noble Park Early Learning Centre

We are committed to providing the families in the community with high-quality Early Childhood learning and care service.

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