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The government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) aims to make early learning more affordable; however, we understand it’s not always easy to navigate. We are here to help.
When there are so many childcare options available, how do you know Noble Park Early Learning Centre is the best choice for your family?
It is important we are both safe and practical when it comes to our policies around health, safety and wellbeing. We know parents are busy, so our policies – whilst grounded in safety – also consider life’s practicalities.

A love of

Learning. Confidence. Curiosity. Here are some of the ways we help children thrive.

In our dynamic, nurturing environments, your child will learn, play, explore, make friends and – most importantly – discover that anything is possible.

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Noble Park Early Learning Centre

Establishing healthy eating habits from an early age at our early education and child care centres lays the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing.

With fully qualified teachers, skilled in maximizing learning outcomes for children, our aim is to ensure every child is prepared for school and life beyond.

Keep track of your child’s day and watch their learning progress, with photos and videos captured by their educators to share directly with you.

The dedicated, diverse and professional team in our centre will provide children with a well-rounded child care and early education experience.

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What Learning

Looks Like at Different Ages

There are significant learning milestones for children between birth and five years – many of them not obvious to the untrained eye. Our qualified Teachers and teams are trained to identify and encourage those natural instincts in your child at each stage of their learning journey – from birth to school and beyond.


A common myth is that children begin their more significant learning journeys as they start primary school, but in fact, learning starts even before birth.


If you’ve ever seen a toddler in full “I can do it myself” mode, then you know exactly what this means.


Our early learning centres have a bespoke Curriculum and an approach to early childhood learning.

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